Hungry Beast: Climate Scientists, Pro-industry and ceiling wax

Over past few days, The Hungry Beast video, I’m a Climate Scientist has without a doubt gone viral and discussed on many blogs, such as;

For instance…

While I found this video entertaining and a refreshing change, I found other videos by The Hungry beast far more illuminating. The first of which was about Gina Reinhart, someone I’d never before heard of, but provides reason why Andrew Bolt continues to have a job.

Another video, A Brief History of Scare Campaigns, was even more interesting:

The point of it is nothing new (one I’ve often discussed myself); that the fear campaign that “[insert topic here] will ruin the economy” never fails to lose credibility regardless how often it is used and proven wrong. However, and this may just be me here, but 40 seconds in – when a bunch of mining chaps stand around their newly signed deal – I had the strangest moment of deja vu.

Largely that from 1:40mins into the following video:

You might think I’m odd, you may see the similarity straight away, but I’ll leave that up to you.

Heading back to the initial point of the scare campaign video, the Gambling License, unlike resources, complaining about regulating gambling has got to be one of the more mentally ill campaigns. The wealth acquired from gambling is only that scammed from people silly enough to throw it into the machines.

When I used to work in the inner city, it was typical that a Friday evening was when my mates and I would meet up for a drink or two and dinner to shake off the week off work. I miss those times, to be honest.

Some of the mates I made back then where the regular players of the pokies. While only one or two demonstrated concerning behaviour in their gambling, through them you would meet others who were obviously addicted. One character regularly took out all but what he needed for rent and the bare essentials and would then hand his bank card to a mate of mine.

Most weeks, the vast majority of his weekly pay was lost in the machines and on the very rare occasion, he’d join us for a beer with a wade of cash and a smile on his face. He lived for these rare nights and wasted the rest chasing them.

I hope the creators of the anti-gambling license advert being attacked in the video above are ashamed of themselves. Better management of gambling is like reducing alcohol abuse and hard drug addiction. Even if the industry is threatened by tighter controls on gambling (I remember pubs before pokies and I can safely assure you that they’ll do just fine with less patrons using them), it is not an industry that has the customer in mind and not one I’d ever support.


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