Commonsense Overload: Noam Chomsky on the US Economy

[h/t Christine]

Many similarities can be drawn here in Australia also. Much of the earlier section talks about much that we have all been saying for a while now: the climate change debate has little to do with the scientific evidence and far more to do with political and industrial pursuits. After this, I found the discussion far more interesting – this strange beast that is the neo-liberal market structure which seems destined to consume itself into oblivion at the expense of all else. Our changing climate is only one of many issues stirred up in the wake of Wall Street’s offspring and too often, whatever our particular focus is, draws many of us to debate within small bands when, on a broader scale, we collectively wish to produce the same thing: an economy that works for the best interest of our societies, each and every one of us, and to sustain the natural world on which we rely.

Many of the better educated commentators make the point that it must be a collective effort. I’m often fairly pessimistic of this pursuit (while still working to create Gen[A], which has much the same agenda – of figure), but it must be the only way we can stop this mindless whirlpool, sucking us all in for the betterment of a small few.


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