Alarming Climate Religion

“Why do you bother getting involved?” Some ask, “You may very well be right, but why waste your time talking with those who don’t listen?”

True, there are a select few who are beyond reason and discussion. However, we cannot simply sit back and let their madness go by unchecked. Then, as is always the way when  they have but a flimsy evidence based to begin with, the name calling begins. They try to devalue the scientific basis by suggested that it’s merely a belief – a religion out to scare the public into submission – when there are other, equally valid beliefs that deserve attention. This is quite obviously not the reality, as I’ve tried to explain since the beginning of 2010 (as have a vast number of the other sites I link to).

Here, I provide my rebuttals to hypocritical claims of an alarming climate religion.

Am I an Alarmist?

The Myth about ‘Climate Change Religion’

Blinding Reason Through Confirmation Bias

Climate Deniers the Biggest Advocates for CO2 Emissions Reduction?

Let’s look at a Misinformer

The last place before expulsion for the crackpots and climate loons

It’s worth noting that I’m more or less moving away from this ridiculous and painfully endless debate over the reality of ACC, thus I’m grouping the best of my relevant work here for reference more than anything.


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