Ocean Acidification… in a nutshell: By GreenPeace

Following my post yesterday, a friend of mine alerted me to this great little animation on ocean acidification.
We are already starting to see the effects – which are largely unappreciated in many arenas. I won’t step on any toes; Climate Shift offer enough on the subject here, AGW Observer has a number of excellent papers here and Plantos-Science discusses it throughout their site.

While you get conferences such as the recent gathering at the Heartland Institute under the heading, “The Fourth International Conference on Climate Change: Reconsidering the science and economics“, aimed at discussing the debate over AGW, we continue to dig ourself a bigger hole. I fail to see how anyone can continue to justify such an irrelevant debate over our carbon emissions where AGW is but one bird of many lined up for a single stone; a shift away from fossil fuels.


2 thoughts on “Ocean Acidification… in a nutshell: By GreenPeace

  1. Thanks for the video, a nice easy summary of the effects. Amazing how much pictures/video can explain things more powerfully than a entire text book.


    1. It is a really good presentation which sums up not only the primary effects, but the chain of ecological collapse that follows…
      If I could, I’d like to set up a whole heap of tanks with a simplified coral ecosystem which are maintained under different pH regimes to reflect conditions before the industrial revolution to the worst case business-as-usual predictions for 2100. I know that the University of Queensland is doing something similar actually out on the reef. It would be nice to be able to drum it home like that.


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