Sunday Reads #3: All things climate, environmental and politics

Delays on climate change have cost us $8 trillion


Hockey exposes us as fair weather friends

I, for one, am uncomfortable looking like a heartless bludger.

Federal Budget Summary 2014: The Abbott Government sets its agenda

Good summary

Five things we learned about … the Far Right and renewables

Disturbing insight

Federal Government proposes changes to EBPC

If the mining lobby think it’s a good idea, you can make a safe bet that Australian’s and Australian landscapes will be the losers.

Landcare on Green Army

Replacing a working model for something untested that exploits cheap labour… hmmmm…

Budget 2014: ACCC gets $10 million to monitor carbon tax repeal

Perhaps the only positive in a bad situation; it will certainly help prove that Australian’s will not be better off with this government’s budget ideas.


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