Australian Liberal Party; Our very own Tea Party

Recent news about this new government has left me wondering if they have any intention of remaining in serious consideration for the next federal election.

I mean, the Environmental minister, Greg Hunt, turning to Wikipedia as a reference on climate change (admittedly, dismantling the commission on this field of research might have the minister confused as to where he could obtain quality information).

And then there’s the “socialism” scare tactics employed by our Prime Minister while talking to party faithfuls’ in Tasmania, which is clearly a move, taking a page out the paranoia textbook of none other than Chris Monckton himself.

Now we have word that a cross section of senior economists stand by a similar conclusion that many have been making for some time now; direct action is anything but “direct” and certainly not “action” on climate change mitigation.

As well as this, the mentor of our current Prime Minister, former PM, booted out from even his own electorate, John Howard, is endorsing an anti-science booklet aimed to teach children how to disrupt a classroom where anti-science has been rejected. This is of course the exact tactic also employed by creationists where their “science” hasn’t been allowed to infiltrate the science class room in the US.

Are we getting a picture just how important critically derived and quality information is to this party? The “head in the sand” approach is well and truly centre stage.

No good is good news, hence why boat arrivals and talk of unpleasant environmental impacts, such as climate change, are all off the table of discussion. The current make-up of the Australian Liberal party is starting to share too many similarities to the US Tea party whose battiness is finally losing them friends… what is the future for a similar party here in Australia?


2 thoughts on “Australian Liberal Party; Our very own Tea Party

  1. Journalists to dinner … at Kirribilli House … Wot! Er. Aah … No Alan Jones? … No Howard Sattler? … No Ray Hadley? … No Michael Smith? … I demand that … the Liberal minority-government … reveals to Australians … what it’s got … against loudmouthed, self-opinionated ,,, ignorant shocks jocks? … Perhaps, er um … their report cards …. have been stamped … with an unrealistic … Can Do Better. (In the style of TonyTalk).
    It’s a Big Bad Collusion between the LNP and the Murdoch Press as they attempt to Turn Back the ABC.


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