Dear Anti-Fluoridated Water Enthusiast

I have to give a small hat tip to the climate “sceptics” for I have never seen such behaviour from them as I have from the feverishly passionate anti-fluoride enthusiasts. Saying a word in opposition to their world view, firstly, falls on deaf ears, but infiltrates just enough for them to assume you to be an enemy worthy of any name under the sun and circular, vitriolic hatred many folds worse than the most enthusiastic climate “sceptic”.

It is quite bewildering.

I know my efforts on the subject simply cannot penetrate such a deeply believed “truth” by this fringe group, however, I hope this short video at least puts my effort in context. If it doesn’t – I’ve seen no reason to believe that it will be watched from start to end by an anti-fluoridation enthusiast, based upon observations – it doesn’t matter. I will not comment further to this group. I will only direct them to this video and leave it at that.


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