6 thoughts on “Are the Climate Sceptics Melting Away?

  1. It is kind of you to refer to skeptics that way. Others might call them dangerous lunatics, some of whom sabotaged our future. .

    With Monkton, for the last few years I cannot decide whether he is a sad man, or his combination of bathos and hubris makes him funny.

    1. I’m certainly not kind (just wait for my following videos). But I did like the image.. imagine losing that much of a landmass in 30yrs..

      Laugh – he deserves no sympathy. He even has his own “Lord Monckton Foundation” where people can make private donations.. I wonder how much of the money he lost on the Eternity Puzzle has been made back by this activity? He’s probably in front.

      If he was seen for how batty he is and can’t move on, then I’d feel sorry for him. Obviously a few burnt fuses..

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