Welcome to New Anthropocene!

I guess I should say, “Welcome to New Anthropocene!”

It doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue as MothIncarnate did, but it ticked many boxes and I hope will eventually reach a larger audience than my previous work did (it’s a little frustrating, after working hard to acquire what was still fairly low, but constant readership, to now face the daunting task to re-building and hopefully improving upon my previous blog, basically from the first square again).

Why did I make the move?

I felt that I had to. That’s the skinny of it. “MothIncarnate” no longer fit where I wanted to be and what I wanted to reflect. It had been run through the mill by all sorts of trolls and was in reality a personal statement (hence the shared screen name). I don’t really want a personal soap box nor do I want my future readers to feel that I may go off on tangents for a month at a time, entertaining random, isolated pockets of denial noise solely for the sake of business-as-usual paralysis.

Enough has to be enough.

To fit in with the upcoming Generation Adaptation (Gen[A]) project, I’ve decided to transform this blog into something that fits better. Gen[A] will be heavily focused, whereas New Anthropocene will not be. There is room here to write about the latest rants spewed out from known misinformers, where there will not in Gen[A], for instance.

Where Gen[A] is focused on promoting the ideas and debated needed for our generation to meet the challenges of the coming century and the building of a global community dedicated to meeting those challenges in the real world, New Anthropocene is a broader media outlet. I hope New Anthropocene can reflect the realisation that our species is now a force of nature. The Anthropocene was a mindless progression, the New Anthropocene must is a conscious effort to ensure that we can obtain and maintain the kind of world we can be proud to pass on to future generations.

It is also no longer solely my work and I encourage more casual writers to, when they have an interesting post, submit it here (under Post Submissions) or refer me to other posts where creative commons allows for re-posting.

I hope my readers continue to enjoy the work, now available here rather than MI and share my enthusiasm for the future discussions.

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