Misinformation gets it’s own page!

To allow for my increasing interest in directly focusing on Misinformers and misinformation, I’ve decided to construct a catalogue of Misinformers, the first entry being Donna Laframbiose and Cloud Screaming. Donna likes to paint climate change discussions as an exclusive, elitist pastime, while Jo Nova a conspiracy. They are obviously wrong and like Anthony Watts select tiny fragments of a picture that fits their view, rather than the bulk of evidence that surrounds them. Simply providing the scientific basis isn’t enough. Bolt, for instance, likes to attempt to discredit the science or scientists. As I’ve argued before – it’s time to get critical of the science critics!


3 thoughts on “Misinformation gets it’s own page!

  1. Mr. Moth, Great idea. We need dozens of “misinformation call outs” in the U.S. of A. where misinformation is sprouting like poisonous mushrooms — waiting and laughing at the gullibility of a dumb-downed public. It is the era of the big lie. The leaders of the so-called “Tea Party” are borrowing from the rise of Hitler’s Third Reich in pre-WWII Germany. The big lie, scape goating, playing on people’s fears and anger; rationale thought is the first victim. We even have a few preachers who will be burning copies of the Koran on September 11th. Yes, it can happen here.


    1. When I use the term “dumb-down” I don’t mean that people are stupid. To the contrary.
      But when corporate giants own the media, when crumbling public schools lack the funding to pay teachers, when college educations grow too expensive, and when television and movies stoop to the lowest denominator its fertile ground for the big lies. Tell them over and over again and they become truth. This is why people consistently vote against their own economic self interest.


    2. “We even have a few preachers who will be burning copies of the Koran on September 11th.”
      You’ve got to be kidding! That is utterly hypocritical and beyond disgusting.
      I’m an agnostic on a sharp atheistic incline, however, I’m in favour of religious tolerance (except when it works to suppress enlightenment). This is nothing but intolerance of a massive group of people due to the stupidity of a small few.
      I’ve also read the bible – it falls short of being anything even remotely inspiring. For instance, as far as I can tell there are only 2 groups of women that can call themselves Christians – those who haven’t actually read the book and those who have no self-respect: from start to finish women are property of men. The horrors inflicted on others in the name of Yahweh – some of which is “recorded” in the bible – sets the resulting religions (Judaism, Christianity and Muslim) up with the appalling foundation. I personally feel for the Canaanites, who archaeologists are only just discovering to be a wonderfully developed and sophisticated group – which were all but entirely obliterated by the early followers of Yahweh.
      These preachers are no better than those (if they’re not the very same preachers) who have said that a number of natural disasters that have occurred across the Americas over the past decade are the result of gay-pride, demonstrative attempts to separate religion from state and from education, religious tolerance etc and are no better than Bush’s constant reference to God throughout his push for war.
      And these people think they’re more moral for their beliefs while they go out of their way to stir up hatred…


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