Trolling, trolling, trolling, through the streams we’re trolling!

Earlier today, my self-editing let me down. I had an idea yesterday afternoon, which I put together on the WP app on my phone as I took public transport home. Only, I made a mistake…

I completely ignored grams and jumped straight to kilograms, thus being a magnitude out. Mea culpa…

The funny thing is, this was spotted and brought to my attention by an anti-fluoride advocate with one of the most interesting screen names I’ve came across; AnInconvenientTooth (I wish I’d thought of it).

As I mentioned the other day, I’m not going to allow anti-fluoride comments any more because none of them actually respond to the article they comment on. They instead make bogus claims on other arguments that I’ve commented on previously and go silent when I bring this to their attention. I actually did let one more comment go through and was disappointed to learn that I’d been duped again by someone clearly uninterested in critical reasoning.

Anyway, I’m happy to be wrong – lest I live in error!

I’m also happy because this character proved a point to me; clearly my arguments on fluoride are correct. Within hours of making a silly mistake, it was brought to my attention, so obviously the anti-fluoride advocates are paying attention (which is also suggested by the comment stream and my site traffic stats).

Of course, AnInconvenientTooth went on to provide the “truth” that is inconveniently wrong (Fluoride Alert making many of the debunked anti-fluoride claims), just like all the supposed “gates” behind typos in the fourth IPCC report. It’s inflating minor errors to be all inclusive like lacquer on the insulated walls in the echo chamber.

As they say; no news is good news.


Marriage Equality: Helping to demonstrate just how absurd religious thinking can be

Cory Bernardi’s recent repetition of repugnant comments on marriage equality of course deserve comment and ridicule. I’m often left wondering what goes through the minds of such people whom not only uncritically write-off marriage equality, but oddly take it deeper into bizarre realms, seemingly unassisted by outside influences…

Is it really a reflection supporters of marriage equality or the minds of accusers themselves?

Anyway, the truth of the matter is best summed up in the “slippery slope” comic by B. Deutsch.

Bernardi, however, reminded me of earlier comments by Bernard Gaynor, reporting on the concerns of Bernard Gaynor. This inspired the following comic.


Warm Fuzzy Forecast 4

I figure I may run a few of my favourite WFF and BaU2.0 comics as I’m sure a number of newer followers probably haven’t seen them. I wish I could work on some more as they’re a lot of fun to make, but I haven’t really had much time to think them up, let alone create them. I am, however, toying with an idea for a video presentation or two…

Potholer54 and Carbon Dating

As I mentioned on a few occasions late year, I’m relatively new to Dawkins (for someone trained as an ecologist and about a decade built, but never published a site aimed to rebut, I know this is a little odd), but found his discussions an amazing parallel to AGW denial (and other reason denial, close to my actual interest – see The Human Island for more of an explanation). Now I must extend this to Potholer54.

He’s done some brilliant work recently on AGW denial (such as) which caught my attention and sent me on a further hunt through his work. Largely his older work was targeting creationist, but again, I’m just amazed by the parallels. The following is another example of “experts” making blatantly silly mistakes to pursue their already held ideologies, akin to other cowboy experts.

It’s a great laugh!