Fuel in the skies: has sequestration finally found its market?

I just came across an article stating that Audi have just done something pretty awesome.

Using water, renewable energy and atmospheric CO2, they have generated a synthetic diesel.

Read the article here.

Personally, I see it as a much bigger deal than simply a cleaner, more efficient fuel, which of course it is.

It’s actually sequestration. Moreover, it’s sequestration with potentially strong market influences. It’s also sequestration that brings a cyclic relationship to our carbon-based fuel.

Given strong global leadership on it, there is even a potential for us to modify the atmospheric CO2 concentrations to counter long term climate trends that could impact us negatively. Through controlling what we burn or store, we would be able to influence our climate for our benefit.

I recognise that I might be getting carried away with this news. However, depending on how this story unfolds, it could be a genuine game changer.


2 thoughts on “Fuel in the skies: has sequestration finally found its market?

  1. Hi Moth,
    Glad to see you’re still at it.
    If Audi can turn this fuel into a viable commercial product the prospects are exiting indeed. Where did you spot the article?

    All he best,


    1. Thanks Phil.

      It’s hard for a number of reasons to remain motivated, but I am trying (plus thinking of a new blog with a slightly altered focus).

      It is energy dependent, but if it’s viable, it is great news.

      Although I’m not writing as much, I am following a wide range of news sources. This turned up on one, although for the life of me, I’m not sure which feed.


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