Government funded Chaplains in public schools: The public voice

As my previous post highlighted, I’ve opened a survey to gauge what the Australian public actually thinks about federal funding of Chaplain’s in public schools.

The survey is a mere two pages and will take less than a minute to complete. It is also entirely anonymous.

It will automatically close at 10pm EST (Aust) on Friday the 27th of June.

Already there has been a good response, but entirely from centre to left and non-religious members of the community. The value of this is entirely dependent upon the voluntary contribution of the Australian public across the various ideological spectrums.

If each person who fills in the survey convinced four friends to follow and this happened once each day for the coming week, we would have more than 20,000 people adding to the public voice. That would be an incredible achievement by all!

Below are many sharing options. It is only through this that we could get a genuine representation of the public sentiment… part from when we next vote and if the issue is a party commitment.

My views may be in the minority and I will be happy should that be the case. I simple hope to know what Australia actually thinks.

Click the following link to fill in the very short survey and please share this page.

Survey: Does the Aust Gov have a mandate on Chaplains in Public Schools?



2 thoughts on “Government funded Chaplains in public schools: The public voice

  1. I just need to be heard with saying whatever is happening for the matter of Chaplains in the Schools. They must be given total support as that of a Teacher in the School and paid accordingly to their Job also. But only given support and it is absolutely imperative Chaplains are left in the Schools and other Schools are encouraged to employ Chaplains also. As a regular person on Staff in that position. Definitely a positive and necessary thing of the passed however absolutely a must for the future in the way our society is panning out.

    I don’t know what the issue is that I am hearing in the Media and Govt. But I need somewhere to put my total support and endorsement for their employment etc.

    Mrs. Sandra Ruscoe
    RE Teacher in 1980s now aged and retired.


    1. You’re entitled to your opinion. I must admit that I disagree.

      I’d choose a trained mental health expert to a religiously inspired individual. I find it deeply uncomfortable to think that a chaplain might support my children.

      But the more people who sign my survey the better for the voice of Australia, regardless if it agrees with me or not.


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