Political comics

As many NewAnthro followers would already know, I like to dabble in various comics. I began by resorting to my experience with 3D rendering, but have since found more joy in simple pen sketching which I later colour (believe it or not, the latter is more labour intensive for me).

Of later, instead of just posting them on NewAnthro, I’ve been offering a first look to others – most often, Independent Australia. Most of these have appeared elsewhere, some have flopped.

Anyway, from now on I’ll add them to a suitable subheading under Comics above. These new comics and some of my older work merited a new page; Political Comics.

Feel free to use any of these anywhere. If required, I can provide up to around A3 in size on request.

Lastly, I’m happy to take suggestions or to do specialised work, pro bono, in some circumstances. Please feel free to contact me via the Contact page.

Sov-Borders-without-water Asylum-policy-Aust immunity sunburnt dept murdoch Some-of-us rare playing-politics Open-for-business MIM-Tony

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