5 thoughts on “Tony Abbott, Happy

  1. Dissent becomes a duty. Fighting back in print is one way to fight back. Here’s a copy of a letter to the Editor of the Mercury. I doubt it will be published.

    Dear Editor,
    Julia Greenhill’s letter rightly pointed how pensioners lose in the Abbot/Hockey budget. But even she missed the carefully concealed elephants in the room.

    Coalition politicians are maintaining another Great Big Lie with, “There are no cuts to pensions.”. They pretend the Senior’s Supplement is not part of the pension even though it is explicitly included in Centrelink pensions. The result is an initial cut in a pensioner couple’s income of $1,324. This is just the start of cutting incomes and increasing unavoidable expenses. Millions of Australians will be pushed ever deeper beneath the poverty line.

    Pensioners, mature-age workers and self-funded retirees will be hit by big losses in income and increases in tax. People receiving a part pension will be hit by an effective 50 per cent tax from next January with super payments included in means tests. From 2017 draw downs on superannuation funds will be included in asset tests and super will be taxed on the same basis as term deposits and other investments.

    Terminating an agreement with the states means cuts to pensioners’ concessions on electricity, gas water and travel. This will damage full pensioners most, costing up to $2,000 a year.

    Tying pensions to the Cost Price Index rather than male wages will inflict continuing unpredictable losses in income.

    Add increasing fuel prices, $7.00 to visit a GP, attacks on bulk billing, and changes to pharmaceutical benefits. Pensioners are going to get sicker sooner and cost state hospital medical systems billions of extra dollars. At least we will be dying younger and saving the government even more money.

    The government takes us all for fools. The people we voted in despise us. They didn’t just lie to us before the election; the budget betrays ordinary Australians, especially the vulnerable young and old.

    Phil Gorman (pensioner)


    1. I’m happy to place your letter as a post, if you would like?

      And you’re right; it’s our democratic responsibility to dissent against disempowering measures against the common will.


  2. It seems as though we are living in a parallel universe based on a 2nd year undergraduate type of relativity in which people assume they have a right to their own facts as well as their own ideologies and opinions. The only absolute seems to be the absolute self belief of the narcisist and the psychopath who craves only power.

    Just ranting.


  3. 40 years of the neo-liberal ideology given too much air. We try to educate “MINE” out of a five year, while they celebrate it. It’s evident in so much around us; “They (whoever ‘they’ are) want to take away my choice in light globes”

    “Your right to life does not trump my right to own guns” (seriously Joe the plumber said something to this effective)

    “They want to strip the wealth of hard working people to funnel it to other [often less democratic] countries” (Chris Monckton harped on this a lot and at other times, hypocritically, accused us as not caring about starving children in Africa – relating to DDT’s in this case).

    It’s individualism, “ME ME ME” mentality. It’s a nightmare.

    I’m all for democracy and capitalism, but one that has boundaries so as it won’t push us of the cliff of climate or ecological ruin. Moderate regulations are essential.

    Yep, I rant too.

    Sure, I’ll make a post of your comment above. Is there an electronic version to Greenhill’s letter that I could link to? I’ll have it up most likely Monday or Tuesday. Feel free to submit posts any time.


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