Sunday Reads: all things climate, environmental and politics

Here’s a list of articles I’ve come across over the past week.

To My Friend the Climate Defeatist: Here’s Why I’m Still In the Fight

Mourn, but don’t give up.

Joe Hockey finds wind turbines offensive

Self-explanatory. My only response; he can make such comments only after spending a week in a country house down the road from wind turbines and a following week in Morwell while the coal mine burned.

Global carbon dioxide levels exceeded historic threshold throughout April


Australia will not become Asia’s ‘food bowl’: Rabobank

This is iconic to more than just food production in Australia. I’ve been making this point for years; if we are a high wage country with numerous raw materials found locally, we need to sell these as high-value products (eg. refined, engineered etc).

What about me? Why Abbott’s plea falls on deaf ears

It’s hard to fall in with the sentiment of this government.

Fact file: What Tony Abbott promised on tax

Personally, if the carbon price – which was paid by users based on use – was a “tax” I’d like to go further with the GP “co-payments” to say it is no different.

Lastly, I signed the following petition this week.

End polluter handouts.

If this is a government out to “end waste” we have an example of a $10 billion waste right here.

To my surprise, it actually sent an email to my local member. This chap sent this generic Direct Action reply. I was a little annoyed with this and so replied with these comments.

If this petition is something you support, please do and if you receive a like email to mine, please feel free to reply with my comments.


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