General Update

Hi all,

sorry, but yet again I have fallen quiet over the past few months, as you may have noticed. There are a number of factors that have contributed to this, with two being the most significant.

Firstly, my wife and I are expecting our second daughter within the next few days. With a toddler and an increasingly pregnant wife, I’ve had fewer and fewer pockets of time around work to construct articles.

I’ve got some ideas and if I had the time I’d love to pursue them. There are some excellent sources for high quality public data and I want to work on material in the same fashion as I did the Direct Action analysis last year. This work had impact and if this style is my best work, I’d like to tackle that… when I have the time.

With that in mind, I have been approved for another article for the Australian science journal, Solutions. This would form a small part of a much bigger urban/social science project I have in mind. In this, I don’t want readers to simply digest my article, I want them to be able to walk along the streets of my vision for a sustainable future.

Secondly, back in January, I lost all job security. While I still have a position, I could have a meeting with my manager any coming business day to find out that this is cut in half or lost entirely. Being a single income family for the next year couple years has demanded that I place a lot of time and effort into job searching.

As most Aussies would be aware, technical research support / applied scientists such as myself are losing their jobs, not finding them.

It has been a tough gig from the very beginning for me in any case, regardless of the massive stamp on my CV that I achieve with the creation of the Calperum OzFlux tower and so, with any luck, I will move more into what I obviously have a passion for; science communication and advocacy.

With all this on my plate, there is a fair amount of weight on my shoulders.

I have been writing as much as I can (primarily on other outlets), but this is by no means up to my usual rate. More importantly, I am still paying a lot of attention to the media and science.

I’m thinking that I will, at the very least, provide a “Sunday Read” with some of the highlights I have come across over the past week, with a short blurb and links. It will at least help to remind me that NewAnthro needs attention and will continue to serve to provide share quality information.

Lastly, please don’t forget about the new forum I’ve put together. I’ve started populating in (if only a little bit), but without others it is not a community – it lacks dialogue. Please join and chat.

One thing I have noticed about it is that it might not be instantly obvious how to contribute (it took me a little bit of time to work it out). To contribute to a forum page, you press the “New Topic” or “Post Reply” buttons at the top of the list. For me at least, I would have expected the button at the bottom.

Thanks, as always, for your patience and interest in my endeavours.


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