How to erode an economy and look good at the same time

The story below is certainly close to me. I grew up in Morwell, with my father working for CES.

The point here is the exact opposite to what politicians say. Privatization does not lead to increased competition with benefits to the community. Privatization strips local wealth and the quality of service. Privatization provides a small bumper in the budget but erodes long term financial revenue.

This is why Hockey suggested our retirement money should pay for what he should be paying for with tax payer dollars. The government is poorer largely because of the big cash grab of the former Howard government via their privatization actions as well as an inability to plan ahead in key areas.

Privatization does nothing for the community. Privatization is little more than an easy option for the fiscally inept. It’s a way to make the books look good without doing a good job. With the ramifications too far into the future, responsibility is never truly realised.


2 thoughts on “How to erode an economy and look good at the same time

  1. Moth you are so right, here in southern Tassie around 4 yrs ago they privatised the water/sewerage services, took it out of the councils rates, & billed it separately. When they did so naturally the con phrase was “it will be cheaper”, the first yr the combined bill was less than the full rates the yr before, total was less than $1200, now 4 yrs on just! the water rates are higher than the total rates bill at the time $1400, now the council rates are over $2000, next yr combined they will be nearly $4000. Privatisation making things cheaper is total bullshit a 400% increase in 4 yrs, just like everything the Lieberals say is a complete lie if you believe them your a mug! pure & simple.


    1. and of course, who is impacted the hardest: the lowest earners. There is a clear detachment from the living conditions and stresses felt by voter from their well paid elected reps.

      This system we have simply doesn’t work.


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