Direct Action on Healthcare; an informal proposal to Health Minister, Peter Dutton

While in opposition, the current government campaigned heavily against the price on carbon. They insisted that is was a damaging stick that punished business needlessly while their alternative, Direct Action provided a ‘carrot’ in the form of a cash incentive for self-managed carbon reductions.

On another subject, Terry Barnes, former adviser to Tony Abbott, has prosed a $6 fee on doctor visits to discourage unessential doctor visits.

I think the current government is missing a great opportunity here. What not apply Direct Action to healthcare?

A flat fee on doctor visits is quite obviously a stick, punishing all Australians, needless visitors and the genuinely sick alike. It threatens to inflict the greatest impact on those with a chronic disorder who require regular visits to GP’s and are not in a position to work full time.

Surely the whipping stick is equally abhorrent to the voting public as it is to big business?

Why not give people a cash incentive, relative to the length of time between GP visits? This would surely encourage people to avoid unessential GP visits while not attacking the genuinely sick.


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