Shhh, democracy: Scott Morrison has you covered.

Sorry, this isn’t really a post, but more a comment.

Immigration Minister Scott Morrison has announced that he will stop giving weekly press statements, to be replaced with written statements. Of course, he’ll have his press statements when he believes it is merited.

So their vail of secrecy grows ever larger, with a government unwilling to face scrutiny at their own whim.

What if, for instance, news arises of a boat sinking in relation to a failed attempt to tow it back – which the government is already ‘hush hush’ about, stating that to talk about operational matters would threaten security.

We would all want to know if this occurred, but what indications has this government given us to expect nothing but more of this tight-lipped approach?

This government clearly cannot coherently defend its actions (apart from blaming the former government) and must be aware that they have no justifiable policies to address asylum seekers that would be accepted by the population. If you don’t have anything good to say…

A shut down of information on public matters is a direct attack on democracy. This was a subject that this government made a central election issue and after six years of noise from the shadows, they now have nothing to say.

That, in it’s own right, is telling.


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