Maurice Newman; the problem is bigger than you know

To further my criticism of the comments made by Maurice Newman, I just stumbled upon this article in The Guardian.

To quote Alan Milburn, the UK’s government’s adviser on social mobility, “In most developed countries there has been a declining share of economic growth going to labour (and a higher share to capital) at the same time as there has been growing wage inequality.”

Wage growth has no aligned with economic growth for decades; a problem that is shared in many countries.

The fact that Australia is very expensive exacerbates the problem locally.

Maurice Newman might understand business, but he does not understand the pressures on the average working Australian.


2 thoughts on “Maurice Newman; the problem is bigger than you know

  1. Maurice Newman is an angry old white man – something happened to that generation where they tended to forget what life was about. Mind you, Maurice has been able to simultaneously spruik the benefits to cutting the minimum wage and at the same time enjoy the leisure of a beef cattle property with his wife and kids on weekends.

    The one single question we need to put to these rent seekers is this: How on God’s earth to you expect people on non-professional wages to survive in this country when house prices (and rents in most areas) continue to outstrip wage growth?

    Answer that question, or quite simply and crudely, spare the public and the business community of your sick delusions.


    1. Great comment!

      The biggest tragedy here, however, is that this delusional chap was appointed by the PM to advice the government ob business! Talk about the blind leading the blind!

      I have a few friends that have investment properties and you should see how defensive they get when I point out that they are part of the problem by artificially increasing demand, thus prices which restrict home ownership to the better off. Now, they’re small time. Imagine the cognative dissonance require by people like Maurice to defend their objectives.

      The “merchant” class has replace aristoratic class of yesteryear and it’s only a matter of time before the average person starts to question how much they actually own these people (via the tax breaks they enjoy, rent etc). New methods to exlude them will eventuate.


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