A government standing out, for all the wrong reasons

After the Obama speech whereby he referred to climate deniers as the “Flat Earth Society”, I expressed concerns over how the Abbott led government would be judged by other states.

How easy can one step away from calling anthropogenic climate change “crap” and an emissions trading scheme as, well, basically fiction, when the leader of one of the largest economies publicly states that we no longer have time to entertain such absurdity?

However, this new government is about to surprise us by taking it up a notch with our Environment minister declining to attend the upcoming UN climate negotiations in Warsaw.

In his own words, Greg Hunt says, “We accept the targets,” he said. “We want to be part of an international agreement and we have a very different view, however, on a better way to deal with the mechanism.”

So, not only is this a record breaker (the first no-show for Australian Minister in over 16yrs), but to add further  insult to snubbing off global negotiations, Mr. Hunt frankly tells the world that his government knows better than the rest so doesn’t need to attend global negotiations.

And what is more important that attendance? Staying in Canberra to see that the current price on carbon (the first step in joining the EU ETS market) is removed.

Of course, not only do scientist disagree with Hunt on “Direct Action”, but also the majority of economists.

So we have the NLP standing by themselves, more or less devoid of scientific endorsement and now also from economists but also all members of the UN actively working together to find a solution to growth coupled with greenhouse gas emissions.

Is Australia, under an Abbott government, is effectively “Out of Order” on the subject of climate change? The position held by this government is not only increasingly isolated, but actively isolating itself further.

Fans of this government will say otherwise publicly, regardless what they might say privately to like-minded “sceptics”, but all I can say is lets’s see what this term of “direct” action yields come next next election.


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