The natural progression of a utilities monopoly

I’ve been a little slower to report on this than I would have liked. That’s because I’ve been unable to source an article relating to a quote I heard on the morning radio a few days ago.

The quote being from an individual within the power industry stating that electricity bills will increase if the new government fails to remove the price on carbon. I’ll have to assume ABC news as a reliable source.

The reason for this additional hike, as was stated in the report, would be due to the uncertainty involved following the Coalition’s election promise.

Yet, this is an industry that made healthy profits in the last financial year. This industry also plans to charge all South Australians an additional cost to manage trees around overhead power lines – even South Aussies with underground cables will be hit with this change.

And then there’s the embarrassing point that this same industry also threatened a couple years ago that prices would go up if the Coalition removed the price on carbon.

It seems that this industry is as confused about its practices as the average polly is on acceptable travel allowances.

The skinny here must be that no matter what happens, power prices will go up because this, now private industry (thanks Libs), effectively has Australian’s over a barrel, with no other choice but to pay whatever charge is set… The only problem is excusing the price hike. It would seem we’re damned if we do or damned if we don’t have a carbon price.

There’s the other side to this story… One involving us, the consumer with a heavy carbon footprint… But more on that soon.


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