Pollie expenditure… and this time, it’s personal.

In a number of roles, I’ve been provided a company credit card and had to undertake remote work or attend workshops and seminars around Australia.

As far as I can remember, working out what was and was not allowable expenditure was a fairly easy process.

For instance, an average meal was acceptable. When I caught up with a high school friend one evening and we went to a fancy Japanese restaurant he knew of, well that was personal. When I got a morning coffee with breakfast, that was acceptable while a beer in the evening was personal.

If I stayed additional nights, I paid for the motel cost for those extra nights. If I was stranded, as I once was in Perth due to volcanic ash, well that was work and I tried to do work in that time.

If the work was ever longer than a week, weekends ought to be free time.

You get the pictures.

It strikes me as strange that individuals from both sides of politics that we elect to run the country have a difficult time with what is a fairly simple problem, between what is personal and what is work.

Worse than that, these individuals are on very high wages. Spending around a thousand dollars to attend a wedding interstate is loose change for high earners, so why would they waste time even mulling over such a trivial problem?

I can’t help but feel that there was little real confusion over what was acceptable, but instead, what could be gotten away with on the public purse…

I think I’ve found somewhere the budget can be cut without a loss of services to the public.

About Moth
Situated in Victoria, Australia, I have a background in ecology, atmospheric / meteorological monitoring and analysis as well as web / graphic design. On New Anthropocene, my main interest is scientific accuracy and arguing for sound policies so that we can hope to obtain the best quality lives for our species. My work is entirely my own and does not reflect that of my employer nor does it endorse a particular political party. Please read my full statement for further information.


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