The Anthropocene is harsher than I realised

My ‘writing-free’ period has been poorly executed. What can I say? I find it very difficult to step away from the public discourse when the subject is of importance to all Australians. I find it even more difficult when such matters are answered by certain individuals with packages riddled with what I can only conclude are blatant inaccuracies.

So, I guess I’m back, if I can actually say that I was away with a straight face.

There will be a statement to follow, which needs to be said in response to situations that occurred in the background that have disappointed me greatly.

For instance, I thought it went without saying that the opinions I express on NewAnthro were my own and in no way shared, or strengthened by the authority of my employer at a given time.

Undertaking a search of NewAnthro it is self-evident that I have never once tried to play that card.

If I’m wrong, I’m happy to admit it and retract or correct my mistakes. I’ve done so in past. My only goal is to be well informed and to share a robust and defendable model of reality based upon strong evidence so that we can have a meaningful discussion of policies, as far from ideological blinkers as possible.

I’m certain my readers are aware of this.

In the past, I scheduled posts within Australian business hours to meet my audience. Now, I’ll have to change this to avoid confusion.

One of the things that I was looking forward to over the year past was what I had heard that I would find; the new city more liberal compared to the conservative state that I moved from.

In fact, I’ve found the opposite both professionally and in my personal life.

That and our new federal government have shifted my thinking somewhat. I’m not sure what that will mean as yet, so I guess, watch this space…


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