Please Follow and nudge NewAnthro to be of value to you

The value of my writing is entirely in its readership.

Please, if you have not done so already, subscribe to NewAnthro however would suit you best, whether email (“follow” button to the right), RSSTwitter, StumbleUpon, Pinterest, or Facebook. Through all these, I provide feeds to all my writing.

Equally, share anything I write with friends, family or colleagues where you believe it might be of interest.

Also, never hesitate in sending me an idea, a repost from your own work or a link to a news article or website which you would like me to comment on. A large amount of my recent posts on fluoridation have come from my readers providing me material, largely through Twitter and email – which I am very grateful for.

I hope NewAnthro is a valuable and interesting resource and plan to stubbornly persist with it for as long as I can see and type and while there remains issues that threaten the long-term prosperity of our species.

Thanks again to all my readers for providing value to my efforts!


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