Simplifying the counter-measures to the anti-fluoridation mob

Pondering on what I could do to further assist science and other whom also challenge the anti-fluoridation advocates, I’ve decided to adopt a layout of the anti-fluoridation rebuttal page to something similar to the SkS Myths rebuttal page.

Now, the anti-fluoridation page contains a simple reply to the debunked anti-fluoridation arguments, which is linked to a sub-page with additional details. Further, alongside this, is an icon which allows readers to quickly tweet the simple reply with a link to that additional detail, for example:

Simple replies

(click for details)

Tweet the Detail

Fluoridation chemicals are NOT industrial waste


With this, I hope to make it easier for my readers to target their replies to save effort and time, while also providing the arguments in “bite-size” sections rather than one huge page of text.



4 thoughts on “Simplifying the counter-measures to the anti-fluoridation mob

  1. Thanks Moth,
    I think I’ll email this information to Glenda. She is waiting for my so-called “scientific facts”. A nice simple format may help her understanding. There was also a letter in the rocky morning bulletin on the weekend asking some questions about fluoride which I have difficulty understanding. I would like to reply to her and would appreciate some advice if you have time to look it up. I don’t know if this is an anti-fluoride person in disguise throwing red herrings around, or whether it is a genuine search for the truth.

    Thanks once more.


    1. Hi Fiona,

      Would you be able to link to her actual comments? I’ve been looking over the bulletin, but it’s a bit of a “needle in a haystack” situation.Link or cut and paste and I’ll have a look. As a short hand reply, if you require evidence for the safe and effective use of drinking water fluoridation;

      NIH’s website
      2007 NSW Dental Health survey; “For all ages, only 40% of children from non-fluoridated areas, compared with 53% of children from fluoridated areas were caries free (dmft+DMFT=0).”

      Lastly, ask her to name one – just one – reputable scientific body with expertise in dental health that condones drinking water fluoridation of < 1ppm.

      Looking at this piece, especially the poll, I’m reminded as to why I’m working so hard on this subject; they are well organised. Just like the climate deniers, they make themselves appear numerous because they all jump together where those who care about scientific evidence and honesty are a passionate few among an apathetic majority.

      Merilyn Haines wrote a comment on here and soon after, I had a whole host of similar or supportive comments… I also noticed a lot of traffic from emails. They troll.

      This is why I’m gathering up data in little parcels like this and also trumpeting things such as Lissetta Grant’s petition. We need to be supportive in much the same way to have any impact against such anti-science.


      1. Hi Moth,
        This is the letter:

        ‘Could the pro and anti fluoridation camps please answer a few simple questions?

        What is the molecular composition of the fluoride “waste product”? When is it added to water, does it actually react with the water and convert to other molecules? This would tell us what substances we’re ingesting when we drink fluoridated water. Is the fluoride absorbed across the enamel directly into the teeth while it’s in our mouth? Or does have to go through the digestive tract into the bloodstream and then be taken up through the root canal into the dentine? This would tell us whether we have to drink fluoridated water to get the benefits, or just use fluoridated toothpaste.

        I’m not swayed by either howls of “waste product!” or claims that unmeasured application can be called “medication”. We need relevant information and so far, both camps are missing the point.’

        Susan Cunningham

        I was talking to a dental nurse today, who said that fluoride tablets are unavailable in pharmacies at the moment as Colgate has changed the formula slightly so has to go through a rigorous process to get it back on the shelves. The cost of this is too prohibitive, so fluoride tablets and drops will continue to be unavailable through pharmacies. So much for freedom of choice!

        The published article you linked to was actually a bit different to this one, as I spoke to the reporter after this was posted, and she put my point of view forward quite favorably.

        I have just read some of the posts because before, I didn’t want to see the personal attacks. The reporter, spelt my name wrong – so it may have saved me from cyber-bullying. I would love to unmask ‘Fluoride fighter of Nanango’. These people are really cowardly.


      2. Sounds reasonable.

        As for the first question; what is typically used is hexafluorosilicic acid. This made up entirely of fluoride, hydrogen and silicon. When added to water, this rapidly breaks down entirely to fluoride ions and silica sand, both of which are naturally found in water.

        As for how it works, it assists with the remineralization of teeth. Bacteria increase acid in the mouth which leads to decay – in the very same way as increasing ocean acidification impacts on shell life. Remineralization with fluoride not only rebuilds teeth, but makes them more resilient to decay.

        Toothpaste is few and far between in application. Water fluoridation gives increased protection, cheaply, without negative health impacts when applliued to WHO recommended levels by providing a more continuous cover. It also helps children and some adults who are less likely to undertake good dental hygiene practices.


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