The Fluoridated Hydrangeas of Rockhampton

One of my replies to debunked anti-fluoridate arguments regards the weakness of anecdotal evidence.

One of my readers pointed out that one of the reasons that the Rockhampton Regional council wishes to stop fluoridation is due to the fact that one of the councillors, an avid gardener, thinks that water fluoridation has had a negative impact on his hydrangeas.

This claim comes from Councillor Neil Fisher.

Yet, with even the smallest amount of effort, one can find that back in 2011, the poor growth of hydrangeas in the Rockhampton region was related to a sudden change in the hue of the Dee River’s water, leading from the Mount Morgan mine site.

Which is it? Is it even due to either one?

Even in the first world, we have people whom claim that hurricanes are due to a country’s attitude towards same-sex relationships. It’s ignorance that leads from correlation to causation.

Why, one can easily ask, are not Adelaide, Canberra, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney all barren landscapes of dust and desolation when each have had decades of fluoridated irrigation? Why is it just the hydrangeas of Rockhampton affected by fluoridation?

There’s a country song in that; The Fluoridated Hydrangeas of Rockhampton. Of course, it would be more drama than sense.


Merilyn Haines is attempting to interfere with the rights of the local Rockhampton community, by encouraging those convinced by her debunked arguments against fluoridation to sign a petition denying the local Rockhampton community the right to be consulted prior to fluoridation being stopped in the region – some 640 km north of where QAWF and Ms Haines are located. In reply, I ask everyone to sign Lissetta Grant’s petition which simply asks for that right to be restored, as a countermeasure to Ms Haines interference to the rights of that community.


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