Turning votes into consumer items: The swine who found a way

The simile between the Australian political arena and the pigs of Orwell’s Animal Farm grows richer by the day. Sure, Orwell was writing a story about communism in Russia, but in reality, how different is it to the “more equal” message we are being force fed on a daily basis from our own “democratic” leadership in Australia?

The two major parties, The Labour Party and the National-Liberal Party Coalition, have shown us increasingly over the past five years that they cannot agree on anything of importance to Australia’s future, such as the information technology infrastructure of the country, asylum seeker policies, climate policies – or even the reality of anthropogenic climate change itself – or road upgrades or anything else you care to mention…

Except of course, for bipartisan support for their pay increases (eg. here and here) and, more recently cashing in on primary votes!

With deep cuts “necessary” to the public sector, tertiary education, research and development, all things climate / alternative energy related as well increasing threshold of the Medicare safety net etc it is amazing that they can keep a straight face when instead of trimming the fat closer to home, they pocket a little more.

Both parties are out of touch with Australia. While we squabble over trivial differences or, what he said / she said nonsense, in truth, Australia doesn’t like either party because neither speaks for the Australian any longer. Both parties live worlds away from the average Australian and donning on the hard hat and hi-vis vest makes them no closer to the blue collar that runs and maintains the cogs of this country.

Worst of all, most of us feel somewhat defeated. Either party will win the next election and so the same shameful affair will prance on and on regardless of our sentiment. Some truly are more equal…

What else can we do but throw our vote, in pure contempt for this erosion to Australian democracy, so that each less primary vote means a dollar saved for the country? Yet, would that even make a difference?


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