Abbott’s free ride comes to an end

A brilliant read over at The Drum;

By Mungo Maccallum.

“The mere fact that Tony Abbott isn’t Julia Gillard has propelled him thus far, but as the prospect of him becoming prime minister increases, so too does the scrutiny, writes Mungo MacCallum.

Tony Abbott’s free ride is finally coming to an end, paradoxically because of his apparently assured success.

The fact that the polls now seem to be locked into an easy Coalition win on September 14 has meant that the prospect of Anthony John Abbott, Prime Minister, has finally to be confronted as emerging reality rather than a possible future scenario, so the punters are reluctantly turning away from the easy pickings of the carcase of the Labor Party to take a few cautious sniffs at the fresh meat of an incoming government. And, by and large, they are not too keen on the smell.

Of course, many of them never have been; what the polls also show is that while loathing of the present government has become something of an obsession with a large chunk of the electorate, there is little discernible enthusiasm for the alternative; Abbott is seen not as the long-awaited Messiah but simply as the lesser evil. But so far there has been a willingness to ignore just what he will actually do when he takes over The Lodge. The mere fact that he is not Julia Gillard has been considered enough…”

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