Monckton’s Democracy for the Few

Good Lord Chris Monckton assures us that he fights the good fight.

Everyone left of him, however, seems to be a communist of varying degrees. Depending on which interview or report by him that you refer (as he changes the message to fit whatever position his key audience is primed for) this includes even most US Republican senators, whom don’t have much lead on their belts…

He insists his is a position of centre right, but how central is it to believe that a huge Marxist movement is crawling under the banner of “environmentalism,” plotting to kill off six out of seven people, especially poor Africans, because they hate them, especially wealthy Westerners, because they hate them, all run under a world wide dictatorship developed under the UN?

Is anyone fooled by his centralist claims?

Anyway, the good fight ol’ Chris is waging is against these hidden enemies who hope to bring down democracy. Chris is all about defending democracy. Or is he?

The type of democracy he aims to protect seems to be one where political members can be bought and sold by the highest bidders, the upper crust of the free market. For instance, a group of US Senators signed a letter urging the President to back the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Those signing senators were paid, on average 340% more by fossil fuel industries than their counterparts.

How on Earth is this democracy where the elected representatives of a community can be bought to support the private interests of a wealthy few over the majority?

Yesteryear we had hereditary aristocratic classes syphoning off the wealth of the working class, through taxes based on little more than established ideology. Nowadays this is obviously replaced by a new minority class of barons whom have enough wealth to influence governance, protecting their wealth extraction while the majority of us are largely ignorant to the loss of our democracy and ultimately, our freedom.

Like so much of what Chris offers us, if one chooses not to be spoon fed and instead takes the time to read the nutrition label on the side of the box, one finds nothing but empty calories; a lot of hype without substance.

He has no interest in genuine democracy for the people, but rather defending the rights of the few to subvert justice and freedom for the majority.


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