Thoughts on Al Gore’s Recent Comments on Australian Carbon Pricing

As is so often the case, where the message cannot be tarnished by those whom would wish reality to be different, they instead turn on the messenger with bile and venom so that each one of them can maintain their delusion and sleep easier at night with their myth.

In some corners, simply raising names is enough to turn a healthy brain into stone. Names such as Skeptical Science, Al Gore, James Hansen and Michael Mann are the sedative for a committed sceptic, for instance. Mentioning the word “science” alone seems to be enough for the creationist, anti-vax and anti-fluoridation enthusiast.

One must remain wary when discussing such matters with a “true believer.”

On this, it is interesting how little Australia was moved by Al Gore’s comments regarding Australia’s price on carbon. The misinformation machine has successfully worked on Gore so much so that most seem to want to distance themselves from him. It is equally amazing that Christopher Monckton continues to attract followers – even Australia’s alternative leader, Mr. “Climate Crap” Abbott – when anyone with a free afternoon can easily compile video footage of Chris that overwhelmingly demonstrates not only that he has a poor understanding of science and inability to do basic mathematics, but more disturbingly, that he has fallen prey to the most bonkers conspiracy theories.

price on carbonYet, Mr. Abbott and fellow extremists on the conservatism, “free” market far right, insist the wrecking ball is on its way and that Australia has the biggest price on carbon – something has is easily proven wrong.

Their solution instead includes planting trees. It ought to be noted that trees are slow growing and mortal – planting trees alone will not make a significant dent to carbon emissions in a reasonable timeframe unless we turn the entire Australia into a forest and even then, I must ask; where will the required water come from? And what will you do to ensure the carbon remains trapped in the flora when Australia has a nasty habit for bush fires and trees, by their sheer organic nature tend to decompose when they stubbornly die?

Their solution also includes giving what effectively amounts to prize money to industries that prove they are lowering their carbon footprint. Where does this money come from? Why, the tax payer of course.  So instead of paying for the amount of carbon emissions one is responsible for, each one of us pay a standard fee which is just handed over to CEO’s and shareholders to feel a little better for themselves. That’s direct action for you!


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