Merilyn Haines in Interview

Believe it or not, I’ve been working on this for about a week. Sorry that the audio isn’t so great in some parts. I’ve upgraded my equipment and shouldn’t have this problem in the future. For the credits, please click the video to go to the YouTube page, where the credits and links to the papers are listed in the comments section.


For all the articles I have on water fluoridation, click here.

7 thoughts on “Merilyn Haines in Interview

    1. Thanks Brains! But I already have one. Indeed I’ve had one with 2/3 – more than 2 decades – exposure to fluoride… and you know what? Nothing! Absolutely nothing! No melting, no mortally wounded pals, nothing! Amazing luck, I tell you!

      Find error in the analysis, not the messenger or join QAWF and tell them just how much you don’t like me.


      1. I think the Fluoride has really dumbed you down Moth.

        A chemical to drink that magically makes your teeth better. How rich.

        Dental Nazi Association.


  1. Also, the issue is human rights partially since a person cannot consent to this being in his/her’s paid water service provided by the municiply, the council, the water company locally, the state government, the federal government.

    It’s more like Artificial Alluminium By-Product vs Natural, non-forced Fluoride.

    People are suffering because they smoke, they have a poor diet, health problems and poor hygeine.


  2. How long is the inconvenient truth going to be kept from the public that the fluoride being dosed into the water supply is industrial grade radioactive extremely toxic (S7) chimney waste collected from phosphate fertilizer plants and aluminium smelting plants which would otherwise cost them $7000 a tonne to dispose of because it is too toxic to bury or dump into the ocean.
    Fluoride contrary to popular belief is not a nutrient.

    Another question begs an answer.

    Why would Dentists push so hard to promote something which supposedly would reduce their income due to less drilling. The fact is it doesn’t. Dentists make more money in fluoridated areas because teeth require less drilling but more capping because fluoride makes the teeth brittle. It is magnesium and calcium that harden teeth not fluoride. Animals with the hardest teeth have the highest Magnesium Phosphate content in the enamel.

    Water Treatment Plants may well control the dose but who controls how much we drink. A miner, construction worker or athlete can drink 10 litres a day.
    According to WHO that’s toxic.

    Forced medication with no ability to control end user dose makes no medical sense at all.

    Dentists are not toxicologists and there are many ignored studies that show fluoride taken internally even at 1ppm over a lifetime do terrible damage to the body organs because it is more toxic than lead.

    Peter Sanderson
    Applied Chemist


    1. There really is an endless procession of anti-fluoride enthusiasts keen to regurgitate the same myths while ignoring the content of my articles and videos on the subject.

      Dentists are not toxicologists and nor are you. I’m by all rights an analytical chemist with a background is ecology; neither of us can apply on the grounds of authority – no-one ever should in my opinion – and so we must turn instead to the science. I’ve largely covered your complaints in my content, so I’m not going to reply to it.

      You’re happy to point to WHO, so why not their guidelines on fluoridating water supplies? I know why; it’s damning to your case.

      If any one of you cared to look at my video titled, Dear Anti-fluoride Enthusiast, you’d know that the work I’ve been doing goes in your favour, provided there’s any truth to your claims. Yet, instead of looking at any of it, you all seem set to parrot off the same bunkum claims over and over again.


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