Christopher Monckton and the Summer of 98

The LAST (I hope) video I’ll produce on Crazy Chris (although admittedly, he’s an endless source of inspiration).

So, he is now in Australia; if you know of someone about to interview him or planning to waste their money on one of his propaganda presentations, please link them to my videos – remind them of how batty this ol’ chap really is.

The previous videos;


4 thoughts on “Christopher Monckton and the Summer of 98

  1. Wonder what sort of reception he’ll get in Queensland at the moment? Hope he gets booed (or at least laughed) off the stage.

    Not that I’ve seen too much reference to AGW and Qld floods. The link is too obvious now they are happening every year and sometimes several times in a season. It’s awful.


    1. I doubt it.. If someone is still willing to spend money to have their faith in denial topped up, they no doubt display finesse for cognitive dissonance. They will see only what they need to, to continue the hope that “all is well and will remain well.”


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