Bernard Gaynor on Bernard Gaynor’s Feelings Towards Gay Rights

I’ve had brought to my attention the most amazingly stupid article [Thanks you, Simon].

On Bernard Gaynor’s blog, Bernard Gaynor talks about Bernard Gaynor’s comments regarding homosexuality and Bernard Gaynor’s opinion on what the PM and opposition leader’s feelings are towards homosexuality are and what they both would think regarding a teacher’s attitude towards homosexuality (honestly, he speaks about himself in the third person).

Here’s a couple gems reported by Bernard Gaynor quoted from Bernard Gaynor;

“Furthermore, considering both Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard oppose gay marriage it makes perfect sense that they would also be uncomfortable with teachers promoting a lifestyle that has serious negative health consequences and is opposed to the values of the majority of Australians.”

“Australia has always been a Christian country and the vast majority of Australians continue to hold Christian values.”

“It would be a sad day for Australia if its Christian population was prevented from freely practicing its religion.”

Serious negative health consequences? Can he please elaborate?

And why on Earth would a typical teacher spend their time promoting anything but for the syllabus?

As for the religiosity of Australia, the Census data states that of the Christian beliefs, 25.3% of Australians are Catholic, but 22.3% of Australians are list themselves as having no religion in 2006 (stats that have shifted towards no religion in 2011). Yes, if you group all Christians, the majority of Aussies are Christian, but why would you do that? Nowhere else has the religious war been greatest in the past 2000yrs than between different Christian groups.

Lastly, how does having teachers liberal on the subject of gay and lesbian rights prevent a Christian from freely practicing? I must have overlooked The Sydney Mardi Gras’s objective to crush all Christians… or demand they “party down.”

No, the only prevention of human rights being carried is the subjection of the equal rights for all Australians based purely of religious bigotry and stupidity such as that expressed by Bernard Gaynor reporting on Bernard Gaynor.


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