Why is Anthropogenic Climate Change a Myth?

It seems incredible to me to think that, in 2013, committed scepticism regarding human modification to the atmosphere and the resulting climate change underway is still fighting strong.

We are still answering the same debunked claims – even with the “leaked” fifth IPCC report, “the sun is to blame” argument rears its non-existent head and good ol’ Donna Laframboise calls for a plug at her book; nothing has apparently improved upon from her previous criticism… “Please, buy my book to know more…”

I, for one, am over it. No debate of any thoughtful and critical nation will come from it all. Diethelm and McKee said as much four years ago…

The lack of credible evidence within the science literature has done little to shift the hardened sceptic, in fact, it would seem that the absence of evidence has strengthened their resolve in the “truth.” It’s not unlike other faith positions…

There must be, as there is with the Birthers, 9/11 truthers and the like, some validator. I’ve heard a few – Monckton’s Global Socialism conspiracy being among the most amusing – but I’d love to hear of more. I invite the committed “sceptic” to comment below and give me the real reason why the true science is being suppressed. Anyone else who has an excellent link to the hidden truth, please indulged me.


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