V for Vaccinations

3 responses to “V for Vaccinations

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  2. Thanks for the poke — great little film, though profane. I borrowed it here: http://timpanogos.wordpress.com/2013/01/10/v-for-vaccine-a-slightly-rude-film-with-a-powerful-point/

    We’ve got a flu crisis here in the U.S. If I hear “autism” as the excuse not to get vaccinated one more time . . . I’ll refer that person here, to watch the film.

    • It’s all good. Thanks for the h/t! Funny thing is that I hadn’t noticed the language, but I follow his youtube and am used to it, I guess. I like the no bs approach and like him, I can’t get the anti-vax crowd and can’t tolerate the danger they place on the society around them

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