The NRA Reply to the Massacre in Connecticut. Solution: More Guns

As stated yesterday, yes, I will keep away for this period. Yet, occasionally something of such monumental stupid demands at least a small post in reply.

This morning, I found that the ABC have an article highlighting the US NRA reply to the recent massacre in Connecticut and President Obama’s call for changes to the second amendment.

NRA vice president Wayne LaPierre is calling for schools to be patrolled by police rather than restricting access to high powered rifles. The ABC quoted him saying;

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.”

Right, so Americans want more guns surrounding their schools so that when the next unstable character comes along it can be an all out warfare? An assault rifle against police armed with hand guns equals dead police as well. The next tragedy will even more horrible to whichever community it hits and if access to automatic weapons remains as it is, there is no doubt the next shoot out will occur.

Furthermore, I could not imagine anything worse than taking my baby girl, skipping to her first day of school, where I watch her nervously walk through the front gates past armed guards. I would not feel safe, but deeply worried about the type of environment I’m placing my child in.

My wife worked in a mental health clinic a few years ago and I still remember my dread when I came to pick her up only to find a few police cars parked out front. That such forces were needed screamed of a problem, not an adequate solution.

No, Wayne LaPierre, the answer is not to have more good guys with guns, but less bad guys with high powered rifles (or even better; none) with which they can quickly and efficiently rip through a crowed environment. There is no reason why a civilian would require to fire off so many rounds in such a short amount of time.

Wayne LaPierre’s thinking is even discredited by the old Warner Bros. cartoons where two individuals would try to pull the biggest weapons on the other, until both weapons where powerful enough to blow up the planet. If a child’s cartoon can adequately point out how stupid this mentality is, how on Earth is such a person that cannot see it the vice president of the NRA?

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2 thoughts on “The NRA Reply to the Massacre in Connecticut. Solution: More Guns

  1. The next step is to have the students armed as well , but also what about shopping malls and cinema’s every where in fact armed police every where .could imagine what sort of country it would be are the cost . crazy nra people .


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