Signing Off Until Jan

I would be lying if I said this week has been anything but a weird one.

Starting with Bundaberg’s rejection of improved tooth health, which lead me into the bizarre world of the anti-fluoride enthusiasts and then to learn about the “genius” Matt Ridley, whom has been able to render decades of climate research null and void with little more than a graph and ruler (sheer brilliance of deduction) only to end it all – apparently, literally – with a Mayan dooms day.

The crackpots are in fine form, for sure!

I hope my efforts have been of value to my readers. I know I do ask a lot, with posts generally twice as long as most, but I do not deny being inflicted with the “gift of the gab.”

Early into the new year, I should have my two new ebooks live and I have another two in early stages of drafting and another idea in collaboration with others which will be longer and more detailed – but that is still a while off yet.

I plan not to write over the coming week and a half, but if something arises that begs it, I may be inclined to write something small. My focus, as I hope will be most people’s, will be on spending time with my friends and family.

That said, I expect to provide the odd tweet on twitter; so feel free to follow me and keep tabs on whatever I may do online over the this time.

Be safe and enjoy the holiday, regardless of your religiosity; for it is a great time for the important elements of life and a great opportunity to construct rewarding personal memories.

See you soon!



2 thoughts on “Signing Off Until Jan

  1. Had an annoying conversation with the florist yesterday about 16,000 year cycles of the earth earth galactic orbit and to top it of homopathy involving quantum phypics and string theory giving water the ability to hold infinite information it was annoying because I really had to be polite .The only is a least the g
    uy is thinking and not just walking around in a consumer driven daze .
    Thanks Tim been a interesting year enjoy the break guy.


    1. Thanks David.

      I know what it’s like. Professionally and personally I’m often required to bite my lip. I think that’s why I get so firey on here, such as I did with Merilyn.

      There’s always a time and a place 😉

      Have a great Chrismas!


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