Good News From the Leaked Fifth IPCC Report

I’m certain the leaked report has caused a buzz on the blogosphere and that some science communicators have felt the need to go into damage control. Personally, I think this is a good news story.

The committed sceptics have given it their review and all they could find was a small section, taken out of context to inflate and blame the sun. This is something that has been known to be false as long as we’ve known the upper atmosphere is cooling while the lower atmosphere warms – it’s trapped heat, not more heat input.

Placing it in context undoes the sceptical argument.

There’s to questions over references or typos… All we have from the fifth report is the diehards desperately grabbing at shadows. Their long-held claim of waiting for compelling evidence has come and gone and they are exposed for the irrational and unmovable stance of a faith position.

3 thoughts on “Good News From the Leaked Fifth IPCC Report

    1. A point you and I would agree on… I was hoping, by affording them a little leverage, they might see how silly their committed scepticism really is.

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