Gillard, the Transcript and Guilt Over the Slush Fund: How Your Money is Wasted

Firstly, I think I’ve made it abundantly clear that I have little to no confidence in either candidate as Prime Minister for Australia (see here, here, here, and here, for example). At best (as mentioned in the included links) I see Gillard as the lesser evil between the two – something that I established a long time ago when the two typically debated when Abbott was Minister of Health. Even back then, I was amazed by the privileged position such an individual had achieved who was clearly detached from the reality of the common Australian and most obviously motivated purely by a lust for power.

If anything, his rise to the top job of the Liberal party, comments and smear campaigns since then have only concreted my opinion that he will do nothing to improve the standard of living for the average Australian and will further promote our detrimental impact on resource resilience. In short, the man is bad news.

I’m certain I’m not the only one feeling the urge to slam my head into the nearest wall each time I hear this continual noise over Gillard and the slush fund nearly twenty years ago. Christopher Pyne (Abbott’s “mini-me” in my opinion) has enjoyed this noise alongside Julia Bishop, with Abbott only joining in with the latest “smoking gun”.

I really shouldn’t need to say it, but it was nearly two decades ago. If, as the opposition is now bantering on about, Gillard broke the law, it requires legal action, not a bunch of half-wits wasting the tax payers dollar on the last day of parliamentary sitting for the year.

Does anyone actually think Abbott, Bishop and Pyne are really the best people to investigate criminal behaviour?

Their favoured slam this morning is nonsense.

It is basically the same as saying that I am guilty of theft because I was stupid enough to buy the item in question and place it somewhere (regardless how well I attempted to secure it) all because it was eventually stolen. That is to say, if I hadn’t bought it, it wouldn’t have been stolen, therefore I’m responsible for its theft.

I’m glad these characters are not behind my insurance packages!

Abbott was wrong about the giant tax on every last Australian. Abbott was wrong about the reality of climate change. The unfolding drama on Nauru proves Abbott was wrong to insist it was the best option. The man is even clueless on broadband. So far, I’ve seen no incentive to vote for him when he continually fails to understand anything important to Australia’s long term prosperity and human well-being.

Instead, he is damn certain Gillard should resign. Give me a break!

It is amazing that anything changes in Australia. We have no evidence of commitment to improve the lives of Australians and to promote the resilience of prosperity into the long term future emanating from Canberra. Instead we have an expensive game of Cowboys and Indians.

If Gillard has broken the law, let the appropriate authorities investigate the matter – I do not want to hear about Bishop’s phone calls with unnamed men; taking phone calls while driving, I might add – isn’t that against the law? This matter is a waste of time within politics, while more serious matters for the nation fail to get the attention they deserve. It is a desperate grab for polling points by a very unpopular character.

Enough, should be, enough.




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