New Anthropocene is Supporting Kiva loans!

Some readers may have noticed the new subheading above, “Donate and Support Kiva”. I’ve decided to make New Anthropocene more than just a soap box and start to put real money where my mouth is.

I’ve taken the first step in placing some money down towards a project myself. To further this, I’ve also began to sell images on Redbubble, my profile here, and plan to sell my nearly completed ebook, “Freedom” for next to nothing on Google Books (having the additional benefit in that it will also be available from their Google Bookstore as well). All profits will go towards loans on Kiva – I’ve long kept this space active by my own passion alone and do not plan, ever, to change that.

I like Kiva because it is all about providing opportunity. It’s not about donation, but loans through which people and communities can get a leg-up and produce prosperity for themselves. Personally, I am drawn towards agricultural initiatives because it heaps the most vulnerable feed themselves without drawing on unsustainable harvest techniques, such as bush-meat. However, if I can gather enough support for the community of New Anthro (and via the selling of my media) I will ask for feedback and direction in future loans and report back on how they are all going. This may include polls and maybe even the odd fund raiser.

I like the idea that we can accumulate wealth here which in turn can invest and establish wealth in other places that sorely need it. From the experiences of my family members also with Kiva, it is thoroughly positive and I’m glad I finally got involved myself.

If anyone would like to donate, they can under the Donate and Support Kiva heading. I have set up a Paypal account for this with no restrictions on amounts – any amount will help and go towards future loans (they will sit in the Paypal account until they have reached enough to put forward to another loan).


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