Freedom: Drafting the New Ebook

On the side lines, I’ve been working on my new ebook; Freedom: The Myth and Ethical Dead-end.

It probably doesn’t take too much imagination to see that much of my writing recently has been fuelled by it (and in one case, a post ended up being rewritten as a chapter).

Compared to my other two ebooks, it’s shorter – under 15,000 words.

Unlike my two previous ebooks, I won’t release it chapter by chapter on New Anthro. The reason being that I had hoped to both spur on conversation with those as well as obtain critical feedback / proof-reading before compiling and submitting them to Google Books. I’m more or less happy with The Human Island, but wish the errors had been ironed out. I hope in the near future to re-do The Human Island to fix these errors if possible…

Anyway, with the new ebook; it is deliberately provocatively titled to (I hope) stir up a wider audience that tends to harp on about “freedom”. But I’ll provide a synopsis closer to when I’m ready to release it.

I’m interested to know if any of my readers would be happy to give the draft the once over to point out any mistakes I’ve missed and to give me feedback on the style etc? I’m hoping to avoid the mistakes I’ve previously made with the other ebooks.

The version I’ll provide a few readers will be a pdf (A5 – to suit readers and tablet computers) without locks – so that, at the very least, a reader can just highlight a word or section that they think I should re-examine, saving them as much time as possible. I will also include acknowledgements in the final version to anyone who helps with this first draft.

If you’re keen email me at wow.the.moth [at] gmail [dot] com


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