Trumping Evidence with Truth: Committed Sceptics

A disturbing reality has only recently dawned upon me. It is yet another example of relentless hypocrisy demonstrated by committed sceptics (for more, look under the “Alarming Religion” heading above).

It is the accusation that the “climate change hoax” is perpetrated to secure additional fundings for researchers. Somehow, it’s making climate related researchers rich. However I’ve yet to see the equivalent to SourceWatch quantifying the secret riches of the relevant scientists, which self-evidently exposes such accusations as pure fantasy to support the only real ideology on the discussion of climate with a flair for religiosity. (Yes; I am stating that committed scepticism is entirely faith based)

Arguably, since 1988 with James Hansen’s paper and even more so the IPCC reports, the scientific community have argued that we had reasonable evidence to weigh risk management in favour of reducing our emissions of greenhouse gases. While additional research would decrease the uncertainties – and they have – the emphasis was on action, not funding more research.

The political response has been to emphasise further research; that is, additional funding (Sunstein 2007). The do-nothing crowd have amplified this call, insisting that too much uncertainty remains and then accused the research community of making this call for personal gain!

Not only is there no evidence of scientists getting around in Ferraris and gold plated jet-skis, it has not been the call from the scientific community to focus on additional funding.

To maintain such ideologies requires increasing level of effort in the face of contradicting reality. It is amazing how often the accuser is guilty of their accusations of others!


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