Tony lil’ and the Falling Skies… I mean, Carbon Tax

Am I taking crazy pills or do Australian’s in general remember Abbott’s relentless campaign against the giant tax on every Australian? Who could honestly forget images like below, with Tony enraging an sea of grey hairs at the current government for taking a  stance again carbon emissions (albeit, a fairly weak one)?

By definition, was his actions anything but alarmist?

Of course, the end of Australia never happened and, as discussed in the repost I added yesterday, Abbott has slowly retreated from his usual banter over the carbon tax. I guess it sounds even sillier in retrospect when he can no longer play the scaremonger. It doesn’t change what happened or the fact that the bloke is a hypocrite on the subject.

What interests me is what will happen next. Will he, like any prophet, simply shrug off his erroneous conclusions on the basis of some technicality and move faithfully onto his next dire prediction of the state of things (which, obviously, would all be undone if he were to lead) with his devotees in tow or have enough Australians finally woken up to this annoying sideshow claiming to be using our tax money wisely and efficiently in public acts of such stupidity (the same must also be said for the Labour party whom have resorted to a soap-opera affair with the Gillard-Rudd drama)?

I’ve made the point before, in my reply to Sophie Mirabella’s hissy fit, however, how can anyone expect the youth and in all honesty the general public as a whole to care much about politics when this is the best we have to choose from?


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