Jo Nova: Even Wrong in Comic

I was reviewing some of my older work recently, when I stumbled upon an image I have used from Jo Nova’s fear propaganda, The Skeptics Handbook II: Global Bullies want your money, page 11. (note it’s three years old and yet has done nothing to modify to scientific conclusions regarding anthropogenic climate change – maybe she should submit it to Nature or Science or Climate Change?):

Stupidly, I looked over the most obvious error (accuracy is, after all, not the point of her work from what I can tell). It’s a photo of Mars! The atmosphere is some 95% CO2! Hardly a good representation of a “decarbonized” planet!

Of course, she could have used a picture of the lunar landscape instead – with next no atmosphere to speak of, it would be a clear candidate for a decarbonised planet. However, being in approximately the same orbit as the earth, the problem would become, “why then is the mean surface temperature around -50oC and can fluctuate by more than 250oC?”

A whole can of worms would be open with that question!


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