Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

2 thoughts on “Paul Gilding: The Earth is full

    1. It’s my favourite Vaclav Smil quote, “You see, we are smart, so we see these small things coming and we see the trend is going. But we are unwilling to act unless it’s a bit too late or unless it is inevitable to act, really… Not that we are bad at recognising the trends. We see them, you would have to be stupid not to see many of these trends, right? But we are unwilling to act because it’s easier not to act than to act. Because to act, it is always some sort of sacrifice. And we are not willing to take voluntary sacrifice.”

      I don’t think we’re stupid and I think we’ve got a great capacity to adapt and change. Unfortunately, the longer we leave it, the more we lose and the greater the expense. People like yourself and I are really fighting for that; for the conservation of as much as possible at the lower cost possible, not the result which will occur one way or another…


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