Carbon Movement and Climate Observations

I know I’ve been horribly silent of late! Partly this has been due to workload and partly due to topics I’d prefer to focus my general rants on. For instance, I’ve been thoroughly annoyed with the seemingly endless “debate” over refugees in Australia. The attitude displayed by our politicians demonstrates an absurd, let alone hypocritical (noting the cultural diversity of Australia) sense of xenophobia or downright self-righteousness. They are human beings in trouble and just because we have one hell of a moat surrounding our home, does not excuse us in refusing entry or sticking other people in need into some depressing off-shore prison for an ill-defined length of time.

That said, it’s not really a topic for New Anthro and so I’ve been stewing over re-opening MI… But three blogs?

Hence the writer’s block I’ve fallen in with…

Anyway, to lighten the mood and prove that I have in fact been working, I’ve got a couple videos I’ve recently made following completing a 3D model of my monitoring station in Google SketchUp. I’ve developed a big of a bug for the creation of videos, so I may produce a few truly for New Anthro / GenA in the coming months!

Let me know what you think!


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