CO2-Ink Demonstration

Cheers Tom for pointing out this excellent presentation!

3 thoughts on “CO2-Ink Demonstration

  1. This is a great presentation.

    Me being me, I’d like to top-and-tail it:

    Before the presentation starts, imagine you’re in bed on a fairly warm night, and yet you feel completely comfortable with one thick blanket on top.

    [insert presentation]

    Now imagine that you’re asleep in bed, and someone has come along and put another thick blanket on top of you.

    Is it time to wake up, yet?


    1. Blasted hijack commercials. Sorry, Moth, I got the URL wrong in my comment above. I should have linked to – could you change it? I’m sorry and will be more careful next time. (My excuse is my brain was all set up to link to Moving Planet (which is tomorrow, 24 September 2011) – but I decided at the last minute to switch to an address that promises greater longevity, in respect of relevance to your main topic. And changing course suddenly mid-action is fraught with difficulty…

      … which is, in an odd sort of serendipitous way, representative of the fix we find ourselves in. Humans, on Eaarth, I mean…

      Keep up the good work!


  2. I heard of an experiment where they pumped CO2 into a large flask shone an infared light through it and used a infrared camera to show how much was blocked .

    I think this is a good demonstration but deniers will misdirect with “oh but ink is not CO2 ” Ive had people at work tell me that scientists cant even prove CO2 is a GHG, imagine that, and they immune to anything you say , even if you did the experiment in front of them they would say its just a sorta magic trick .

    The debate about AGW has made me realise just how scientific illiterate the general population is ,I think in the end intelligence abd the facts will win out but it wont be a win for us and it will be a hard lesson for the human race .

    And all the other poor animals on the earth .

    Time to wake up ? I think we have slept in and its now midday , still time to do some work before the darkness falls maybe .


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