A Blog Within a Blog: Latest Posts on GenA

We’ve started the ball rolling over at Generation Adaptation. The first six posts are;

Eco-Mapping, Part 1: What is Eco-Mapping?

Back in 2007, I contributed to the South Australian EPA’s State of the Environment Report in which I provided a collection of supporting information, case studies and accumulated other work of interest and media which I sourced from other individuals. One of the people I approached was busy working with industry heads to promote “Eco-Mapping”. […]

Generation Adaptation: beyond “left”, beyond “right” and beyond broken discourses

What is “Generation Adaptation”? A new demographic dreamed up by marketers? Not quite. Generation Adaptation (“Gen A” for short) is a blog, but hopefully one that does not simply recycle the same tired arguments and information about climate change and environmental issues. Gen A was conceived to help move the discussion beyond the dispiriting debate […]

Efficiency is Truly Virtuous: Planning Prosperity

The following was originally posted on The Sustainable Cities Collective. Unlike natural ecosystems, the constructed human ecosystem is one with the ability of proactive planning. This, one of my favourite remarks, should be a defining, almost virtuous, quality of our species, instilled in each of us from a young age: whereas the natural world is […]

The Green Dad Project: so does this “good for the planet” stuff actually work?

Tell someone you’re interested in the environment and climate change and they’ll make automatically make assumptions about your politics, world view and even personality. Firstly they’ll look to see if you’ve got dreadlocks, facial piercings or the 1000 yard state of the tin-foil hat wearing brigade. If you look relatively “normal” they’ll run through a […]

Green Dad’s driving dilemma: to own a car, or not?

I have a confession to make, which in some circles would be considered heretical. I enjoy driving. I like the freedom having a car gives me. Whether it’s dropping round to a friends place, throwing my mountain bike into the back of the car and heading off into the mountains or a quick trip to […]

Eco-Mapping, Part2: Water Loss

The most obvious source of criticism questions if prevention is more cost effective than cure. We’ve all heard similar colloquial arguments relating to solar set-ups taking too long to recoup the initial outlay or that water tanks are installed with little practical use applied (in my current rental this is certainly the case where it […]

As always, we’d really like this to be a project for everyone, so feel free to contact us with post ideas, articles you have written and would like reposted, suggestions about how we could make the site better, links you think we should know about and relevant events in the near future that you would like others to know about (and get involved in).


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